There are a number of natural herpes treatments available on the market that provide good alternatives to conventional treatment such as acyclovir and the other antiviral drugs. You should also consider taking steps to prevent your cold sores and herpes outbreaks which we have discussed in this article here. In this article we will discuss the natural treatment options.

We like to break the treatment of cold sores into three stages, as each has its own treatments available. Which one you should use depends on the stage you are in.

Herpes Outbreak Control

The first stage is the beginning or middle of an outbreak. Whether that be a cold sore or a genital herpes outbreak this stage requires treatment to bring the outbreak under control quickly. Natural treatment options available at this stage are:

  1. dynamiclear - natural herpes treatmentsDynamiclear. Dynamiclear is a copper based product that has been clinically tested and was found to be effective at speeding the healing of herpes outbreaks and cold sore. Some users have reported that is decreases the frequency of their attacks as well. We review Dynamiclear in detail here.
  2. Lysine based products. Lysine is an amino acid that is effective is aborting a cold sore or outbreak if caught early enough. Lysine is also available in formulations containing other antiviral herbs and vitamins which we feel is likely to increase the overall effectiveness. The formulation we recommend is Herdox which we have reviewed here.

Healing the Outbreak

The second stage is the healing of an outbreak. During the outbreak it is recommended that a cream of some sort be applied to the cold sore in order to help heal the damaged tissues more quickly. There are many options available, but the one that we recommend is Terrasil which is reviewed in detail here.

Preventing Outbreaks

Finally, the third stage is prevention. This is when you can take steps to stop your cold sores or herpes outbreaks from recurring. As mentioned earlier we have considered all the options here, but in terms of the natural treatments available there are products available to boost the immune system and inhibit the growth of the virus. Two products that we recommend are:

  1. Herdox. As mentioned above this is a lysine based product with other immune boosting and antiviral herbs. The review is here.
  2. Dalinex. This is a liquid based formulation containing antiviral herbs.  The review of Dalinex is here.

Summary of Natural Treatments Options

You don’t just have to take antiviral drugs to prevent cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks. Regardless of which natural herpes treatment option you decide to go for, consider the 3 stages when planning the control of the herpes virus. Stock up on some products to control and heal the outbreak, like Dynamiclear and Terrasil so you aren’t caught off guard. And consider taking a preventative supplement like Herdox to inhibit the virus and keep your immune system healthy.

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